5 Secrets Behind Great Education!

Kids spend more time at school than at home, according to the Center for Public Education, kids spend about 900 to 1,000 hours per year in school! As parents and guardians how can we ensure that our kids are getting the best education possible during these hours. The following tips will help us know what to do and how to do it InshaAllah.

1- Getting Involved

Attending parent-teacher meetings and getting to know other parents as well helps us stay connected and in the loop. This helps us understand how our kids are doing at school, spot anything that needs attention in time, boosts communication, and also boosts their confidence by feeling that we are always there for them.

2- Following Up Closely On Their Homework – But Casually!

While you may be busy, it is so important to support both your kids and their teachers, as this results in an optimum learning experience. This helps you define any weaknesses they may have across different areas of study, and keeps you on the same page with their teacher. Most teachers will be thrilled to help.

3- Preparing Them Well For School

As parents, it’s upon us to make sure our kids get enough sleep, are well-nourished, hydrated, and head to school with a positive attitude. To do this, we should follow some simple steps that you can find in Back to School – Muslimeto™

4- Teaching Them To Be Organized

Organization is a core skill that kids will need not just in school, but also later on in their lives. Schools help develop organizational skills, but teaching them to our kids at an early age at home makes the process way smoother. Our kids might not jump at the chance to pick up their toys, neither will they be thrilled or interested to know how important being organized affects their success in the future, but it’s still our job to instill this ability to help them later on in life.

5- Helping Them Acquire Great Study Habits

Study skills are the key to every kid’s development. These skills allow for a much better learning process, and a more relaxed and confident student. Here are some examples of study skills that have been proven to work for kids:

Assigning a designated study area

Knowing class expectations

Having a study plan

Having a positive attitude and relating to their lessons well

Finding ways to enjoy what they are learning

By following these tips, our kids will more likely attain the best education we hope for, insha’Allah. So, let’s start this school year by making dua’a for our kids for success and beneficial knowledge, and if you’re sending your child to school for the first time, we recommend reading  8 Tips For Pre-Schoolers – Muslimeto™

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