6 Tips on how to support Alzheimer’s patients

Some of the symptoms include:
– Repeating the same sentences or questions repeatedly.
– Forgetting appointments or recent conversations.
– Forgetting the names of close people.
– Having trouble finding words.
– Being unaware of their place.
– Losing track of time.
– Having trouble remembering to carry out their daily routine.
– Sudden unexplained mood swings.
– Distrusting others.
– Depression and fear, that may lead to violence.

Little changes in how you deal with someone with Alzheimer’s can help make them feel more at ease. These tips are a good example for how we can help and support them:1- Have calm, clear, and slow conversations so they can comprehend easily.
2- Applying a simple daily routine makes things more familiar for them.
3- Be patient and gentle with them.
4- Offer them a relaxing atmosphere, free of stress or triggers.
5- Surround them with family and friends.
6- Let them feel your love and support.

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