Making the Best of RAMADAN

Non-Muslims don’t understand why we wait for and welcome Ramadan every year with this tremendous amount of excitement, joy, and longing. They don’t get why we start preparing for it earlier. They find it hard to understand why we’re so happy and eager to be deprived of eating and drinking and so on… for a whole month?!

The answer is simple. Ramadan for Muslims is a savior! It’s the most spiritual month of the year; where al-shaytan is chained and Muslims feel light-hearted and learn to discipline themselves wholeheartedly. For Muslims, it’s a once in a year chance to get extra rewards for even the tiniest good deeds and intentions. It is the month of forgiveness, repentance, charity, and moreover, hundreds of opportunities, that if used wisely can lead us to Jannatul Ferdaous inshaAllah. Here’s how:  

1- Repentance

Ramadan happens to be the perfect chance for repentance as Allah (swt) descends His mercy and blessings vastly upon Muslims all over the world. Thus, it’s the best time to avoid sins and turn over a new leaf.

2- Good deeds and Charity

SubhanAllah, Ramadan really brings all the positivity out of Muslims and somehow provides them with undying energy to do good deeds, help others, give more to the less privileged, and get more involved in charitable work. Wanna know why? The Prophet (pbuh), said: “Whoever fasts Ramadan out of faith and seeking the Reward of Allah, his past sins will be forgiven.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Is there any greater motivation?

3- Self-discipline

Ramadan is great training for Muslims to resist their desires out of obedience to Allah (swt). It teaches us that we can control and discipline ourselves, as well as abandon anything for Allah’s approval and His Jannah, may we all become its residents InshaAllah. It also strengthens our will-power and makes us refrain from bad habits such as smoking, etc…

4- Family Ties (Silat-ul-Rahim)

Visiting each other, gathering around the dining table in times of Iftar and Suhoor, preparing food together, helping each other in house chores, going together to Al- Taraweeh, and spending time together. Such a warm feeling subhanAllah, it’s these times and memories that make us bond as a family and mend broken ties.

5- Asking for Forgiveness

The timing of Suhoor makes it easier for Muslims to supplicate their Du’a to Allah before dawn. This gives us the opportunity to ask for Allah’s blessings, approval, and forgiveness in this blessed time as He (swt) says in His Qur’an {and those who seek forgiveness before dawn.} [Quran 3:17] and {And in the hours before dawn they would ask forgiveness.} [Quran 51:17].

Moreover, Ramadan is a perfect opportunity to become more organized and punctual. This blessed month helps us regulate our food intake and get accustomed to a healthier lifestyle. The benefits and opportunities of Ramadan just don’t end!

O’ Allah grant us the blessing of witnessing this Ramadan and allow us the joy of coming out of it better than we entered it, amen. O’ Allah accept our fasting and good deeds and allow and guide us to make the best of this blessed month, amen.

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