Sh. Luqman S.

Sh. Luqman is a native Arabic speaker who has memorized the Holy Qur’an since 2002. He is a Hafiz with Ijaza in two recitations (Hafs and Shu’bah), and has learned to master the rules of Tajweed and sounds for proper recitation at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, under some of the greatest scholars of Quranic Sciences. He also has a well-rounded knowledge base on Islamic studies and is fluent in English. Masha’Allah, he has been awarded several prizes in recognition of his excellence in recitation and Tajweed. He is a religious Leader (Imam) in the big Mosque of Al-Sahabah in Alexandria, and a Khatib (an orator who Preaches Friday sermons) in numerous Mosques. He is undoubtedly a wonderful addition to the Muslimeto team!