8 Tips For Pre-Schoolers

It’s back-to-school season!

Although some parents and their kids are thrilled to go back to school and meet their friends and teachers again, other parents will be sending off their kids to school for the very 1st time. It’s a major milestone for these families and both parents and children might feel nervous approaching it. Following the tips below will help feel well prepared to start this new and exciting stage of their lives!

1. Talk to your child about kindergarten or preschool

It is important to talk to our kids about what to expect in their 1st year of school; and especially the 1st day of school. We can do that by reading related books together, watching videos, and discussing it together. This will help reassure them inshaAllah.

2. Start your school routine early

At this age (Pre-school/Kindegarten), kids should preferably sleep 9 to 10 hours every night. So find out what time they will need to get up for school, and plan accordingly. it will help if you start by a calming routine an hour before sleep time, which involves toning things down, turning off all screens, and setting a calm and quiet atmosphere.

3. Ask your child about their feelings

This is one of the most important tips, creating a communication line between us and our kids help us understand them more, which in turn guide us on how to reassure and support them.

4. Make school supply shopping fun!

This is most definitely THE most exciting part for kids! Let them help you prepare the list and allow them to choose their supplies according to their interests or favorite cartoon character. Don’t forget to stay on a budget though, things can be sure to get out hand!

5. Understand that tears are okay

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed or overly emotional, after all it’s a huge step for both sides. Try to accept that it’s okay if your or their tears come down. However, don’t make your goodbyes too long. This will only result in more tears. It is best to say goodbye, tell them when you will be back, reassure them, and then calmly leave with a smile. This reassures them and makes them feel that things will be ok.

6. Communicate with your kid’s teacher

Communicating with their teacher helps them confide in him/her, lets you easily follow up on their progress, and allows for the chance to work together as a team to attain the best outcome for your child on all levels.

7. Don’t over schedule your child

With our kids growing up, we want to engage them in lots of activities and watch them make progress in different areas. However, it’s important to slow down. It’s their first year of school and they have a lot of new things going on, we shouldn’t make it harder for them to keep up with everything. It’s better to go at a reasonable pace.

8. Be positive

Show them your excitement and talk positively about school. You can even try to get to know the school community, make friends with other school parents, and arrange play dates for the kids to bond together and make friends.

The 1st year of school can sure be a bit stressful, but, with some planning ahead everything will be better inshaAllah. May Allah (swt) bless and protect all of our kids, and make the upcoming school year a fruitful and joyful one for them all, amen ❤️❤️

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